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In order to assess your needs as a potential Business Owner please complete the following questionnaire as accurately as you can.

The information you provide will be used to assist Business Gateway to tailor a bespoke Action Plan and provide you with the correct information to assist you in the progession and growth of your business start up. It will also be used to recommend the most suitable workshops and events you should attend and to refer you to additional support partners who can also assist you. Thank you for your time.

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1 Please describe your business idea.*

Please describe your business idea.
Please give an outline of what your business idea is, who will be involved in the business and where it may operate from.

2 What stage is your business idea at?*

What stage is your business idea at?
Please give an indication of how far on you are with your business idea. This helps us identify how best to help you progress your business and what you need from us to support you.

3 Do you know what products/services you will sell?*

Do you know what products/services you will sell?
Defining what you will sell helps to us to identify your routes to market and who your target market may be.

4 Who will you sell to?*

5 Where will you sell?*

6 How do you plan to promote your business?*

How do you plan to promote your business?
There are a range of ways to promote your business and Business Gateway can help you to understand these and assist in developing your skills in marketing using our Workshops and Seminars and a range of factsheets.

7 How much money do you estimate your business will take in after the first 12 month of trading?*

How much money do you estimate your business will take in after the first 12 month of trading?
Knowing the potential scale of your business helps us identify how intensive our support needs to be and ensure you get the right access to the right agencies and advisors.

8 Do you need to employ anyone in the first year of trading?*

Do you need to employ anyone in the first year of trading?
Becoming an employer can be a daunting thought. If we know you may be considering employing someone we can tailor our support to include all the relevant advice and seminars to help with becoming an employer.

9 Will you need premises within the first year of trading?*

Will you need premises within the first year of trading?
If you wish to secure premises we can arrange for a premises search to be carried out based on your requirements. You will then be supplied with details of vacant premises which meet your criteria.

10 Can you estimate how much money you need to start up your business?*

Can you estimate how much money you need to start up your business?
Every business needs money to start up, even if it is just to buy some business cards. If you can make a rough estimate of what your start up funding requirements are we can help you identify how you will fund this.

11 Do you have a shortfall in funding?*

Do you have a shortfall in funding?
Knowing if you have a shortfall in start up funding and how much that is can help us to signpost you to the right types of funding sources and support you in making an application.

12 Please tick the boxes below to identify the areas you would like support in?

Please tick the boxes below to identify the areas you would like support in?
By ticking the relevant boxes here you can access some factsheets and see recommended Start Up workshops which Business Gateway runs and which are delivered by our Start Up Advisors. These workshops are designed to help plug any knowledge gaps you might have and provides the opportunity to meet others who are starting their own businesses.

13 How did you hear about Business Gateway?


How we will use your personal data

We, North Lanarkshire Council, act as Data Controller for the purposes of the Data Protection Act 1998. We are fully registered under the Act and ensure we comply with the protections the Act affords you. This notice explains how the information you supply will be used, and how you can remove it from our records. North Lanarkshire council are the data controller for your information. If you have any queries regarding processing of your personal data, queries should be directed to Yvonne Weir, on 01236 632864 or via email to 

Please read this carefully.

How will the information we collect be used?

We require you to provide certain information so that we can adequately respond to your query. We may also pass your details to other local authority services/partners/stakeholders delivering business support which may be better suited to deal with your query. So that we can do this we may be required to pass your details to third parties who carry out these services for us.
North Lanarkshire Council are mindful of the Scottish Government’s report on ‘Delivering Better Outcomes for Consumers and Businesses in Scotland’ and are supportive of businesses to enable them to innovate and flourish, in order to aid sustainable growth in our economy which is a key priority for council’s priorities.  The information on this form will be shared by services/partners/stakeholders within North Lanarkshire Council for the purposes of improving economic opportunities and outcomes for your business, checking your compliance with legislation and for recording interactions and support with us.
Your information will therefore be used:
• To avoid the need for you to complete a registration form for each partner / project you work with through the same funding stream.
• To allow us to monitor the success and performance of services offered and undertake evaluations.
• To allow us to monitor outcomes of partners and funding streams.
• To contact you in regard to your time with any of the services
• To monitor compliance with equal opportunities legislation
• To comply with EU / funder rules and regulations

We may share your details with these Council regulators in order for them to be able to offer bespoke advice and guidance to assist your business at the earliest opportunity in achieving full regulatory compliance.
Can we share your information with the parties referred to above for the purposes detailed above?

We may also use your information for marketing purposes. This will include information on programmes, services, and products we provide such as seminars and training opportunities that may be of interest to you. If you would like to receive marketing information, please indicate your preferred format for the marketing communications. Please tick the relevant box(es):

We also use your information to customise our products and services to serve you better, by providing more tailored products and services and to help us understand your needs better e.g. though internal research, data analysis and market research. So that we can do this we may pass your details to other parties who carry out surveys, questionnaires and customer evaluations for us.  If you would like to be contacted for market research in the following formats please tick the relevant box(es): 

We may also pass your details to other Business Gateway members/partners (for example, Local Authorities) who we feel may be able to provide you with information or services which may be of use to you. If you would like to receive marketing information from other Business Gateway members/partners in the following formats please tick the relevant box(es):

How you can request that information about you is removed

If at any time you wish your details to be removed from our database please contact Business Gateway in writing to your local office or by e-mail to the following address or you can call us on 01236 888536.   When you contact us please tell us:  
• Your full name
• The name of your business – if you are already trading
Local Office: Business Gateway Lanarkshire, Atrium Business Centre, North Caldeen Road, Coatbridge ML5 4EF


Scottish Local Authorities are committed to equal opportunities both as an employer and as a service provider. Completion of this form will allow us to monitor the uptake of our services and help us achieve this commitment. All responses are optional.

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